LAZARUS™ is an innovative ostomy pouch cleaning device.

LAZARUS™ was designed for both functional efficiency and aesthetic appeal. Between the unique hydrodynamics of the jets, the durability of the high grade stainless steel, and the sleek and intentional design, ostomates are able to clean their pouch in under 30 seconds, with optimal pouch and personal hygiene.

The device was created by an ostomate whose vision for product innovation and ostomy care improvements remains fundamental to current features and benefits of the appliance.

Ostomates that use LAZARUS™ enjoy the peace of mind, psychological comfort and reassurance of a thoroughly cleaned bag, reduced odor and skin irritation, cost savings on pouches and skin care products, and the confidence of an improved quality of life.

There are numerous companies that are driving innovations around ostomy care, and providing ostomates with a variety of solutions to suit their needs and lifestyles. From pouches to deodorants to undergarments and appliances, ostomates have a variety of product choices for comfort and access. For some of these products, their effectiveness is unavoidably tied to a dependence on auxiliary products. Total ostomy care now includes a series of interdependent products and technologies that are uniquely designed to meet the pain points of a wide spectrum of ostomates with varying profiles, characteristics and lifestyles.

Ostomy cleaning, however, remains a significant pain point for many ostomates, and the demand for products that can clean pouches in an easy, efficient, and hygienic way is increasing at a remarkable pace.

To meet this specific need, our team at LC8 Infinity Innovations (Pty) Ltd developed LAZARUS™, an innovative ostomy cleaning device. The device is compatible with standard plumbing sources across the world, and provides a fixed system, spill free cleaning source that is adaptable to all the major ostomy pouches in the market today

We are on a mission to make LAZARUS™ accessible to ostomates around the world. Our entrepreneurial journey to complete this mission is a story in the making, and we invite you to join us along the way!