Claiming medical products from your medical aid, is not always a pleasant experience and can lead to frustration.
That is why our team at LC8 Infinity Innovations (Pty)Ltd are more than happy to handle your monthly ostomy supplies and ensure that your products are delivered to your door.

We pride ourselves in providing excellent customer service and understanding your needs. With one of our Directors being an ostomate himself, we believe to have an advantage when it comes to customer satisfaction/needs.

Please submit the form below, alternatively, you can send us an e-mail to with your contact details and one of us will get in touch with you to start the process:

All of our products are registered and are covered by most South African Medical Schemes( T&C’s Apply)

Please complete the form below,
For us to see if we can claim your products from your medical scheme.
We will be in contact with you shortly

Some of the requirements that might be needed to get you on our claiming system:

New Ostomy patients (Temporary or permanent)
1. If you have not filled out a PMB Out of Hospital Form from your medical aid yet, please request a PMB form, or let us know and we will try to get one for you.

2. Fill out the PMB form, there is a section that your surgeon will have to complete (please note that a fee might be payable to your surgeon)

3. Get a detailed prescription for all your ostomy products that you will need for the following 6 months- NEW patients can also contact us for advice on what to order for the first 6months,
We know that for new patients, many things are new to you and that things can be a a bit overwhelming. Please allow us to make this transition for you as smooth and painless as possible.

Example for prescription:

    Piet Smit
    ICD 10 Code K50.8
Qty Product name Product code Nappi Code Duration
60x Stoma Bag Sensura 2pc midi closed opaque 50mm x 1(30) 10**56* 189***5*5 3/6

Required details:


    Main Members details – Initials, Surname
    Patients details – Initials, Surname and membership number
    Medical Scheme Option/plan
    Member Code
    ID No: Main member and patient, if not the same
    Cell phone number
    E-mail address
    ICD 10 Code
    Physical address


If you’ve just received surgery, then all of these names might sound unfamiliar to you and you might not be sure what to do. Most Stoma nurses are very helpful and will be pleased to help you and guide you through the process,
REMINDER: We are willing to help and advise at any stage.